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FREE WEBINAR: Top HR & Employment Law Issues for the Coming Year

by | Jan 14, 2022 |


Please join David Gabor and Katherine Brustowicz, with introduction by Marcia S. Wagner, on January 26, 2022, for a one-hour presentation addressing up-to-the-moment developments impacting the employer-employee relationship. This program is designed to give employers valuable steps that they can take to not only ensure compliance with the law but to also lead more productive and engaged teams. This program is tailored to address current issues that are most important to employers.


The program will address five major HR and employment law issues, time permitting. Questions about issues we are not able to cover during the allotted time may be sent directly to David Gabor or Katherine Brustowicz.


  • Pandemic – We will provide up-to-date guidance on developments related to the Pandemic. Topics will include an employer’s ability or obligation to mandate vaccination, testing, and mask wearing
  • The Great Resignation – We will address the widespread staffing shortages, contributing factors to the shortages, and steps that employers can take for employee retention, engagement, and productivity.
  • Setting expectations and training – Topics to be discussed include: proper training of newly hired staff and how the process has been impacted by the pandemic; training on how to manage a remote workforce; fostering a positive corporate culture; DEI initiatives; and proper management of staff.
  • Employee classification and equal pay – This will include a discussion of steps employers can take to ensure proper classification in a remote workforce and to address equal pay claims
  • EEOC and OFCCP Hire Initiative: What the recently announced hire initiative to expand access to good jobs to underrepresented people means for employers.