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ERISA & Employee Benefits


Virginia O. Brennan, CEBS, Senior Vice President
Voya Financial

I remember when your firm was just getting started and your trajectory and your growth is amazing.
Well done on being a preeminent ERISA firm in the retirement space and also women owned! Not easy, tons of hard work and grit and you did it. Bravo!

Mark Salamone, AIF CPFA, Senior Vice President – Retirement Plan Services
Alpha Pension Group, a Division of HUB New England

Marcia, I wanted to thank you again for your support, exceptional professionalism . . .

Working with you and your team has always been a pleasure. The dedication, expertise, and diligence you and your colleagues bring to the table are unmatched and we really value the opportunity to work with you.

We look forward to continuing our successful partnership and accomplishing more together in the future. Once again, thank you for your extraordinary support and understanding.

Ron Adams, President & Managing Director
Foxboro Consulting Group

I always have had much admiration for you [Marcia], and your Firm and the work you perform, it is par excellent! I always thought you are the myth and the legend, walks on water, raises the dead, and the best thing since sliced cinnamon toast!

Sameer Jain, Partner
Active Allocator, Inc.

The quality of engagement your firm brought into writing ERISA opinion for Active Allocator – marrying regulation, computer science, finance theory, industry drivers – spending months thinking so carefully is exemplary. Most law firms wouldn’t even have known where to begin. Or even have accepted the assignment. Your firm in its multidisciplinary thinking exemplifies for me what a top notch firm ought to be.

Barry N. Koslow, JD, Managing Director
Secure Benefits Northeast, LLC

“[Marcia Wagner] is probably one of the smartest (if not the smartest) attorneys I have ever known.”

Francis M. Vitagliano, Visiting Scholar
Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

Dear Ms. Wagner,

Thank you so much for doing all my work for me!! It must have taken you and your team forever and a day of effort to synthesize down the quintessence of the recent DOL Proposed Fiduciary Rule. I do not know how you did it. The most difficult task is to make something complicated and complex, simple and straightforward so that the audience actually understands the important issues.

I have worked in ERISA since 1974 and your Webinar covered the important and vital pieces of the DOL proposed fiduciary rules and obviously edited out the superfluous, allowing practitioners and others to concentrate on what will impact the industry. Whoever edited your wording did a superb job. Clear, distinct, easy to understand, logical and rational. Reminiscent of Einstein’s advice: “Make it as simple as possible but no simpler.”. Over the years I had the opportunity to work closely with Ed Burrows and your presentation was truly of Ed’s caliber (maybe even better!).

Thank you so much and I hope you will repeat your yeoman’s efforts when the final fiduciary rules are published.

Anthony and Debra Freelove

Dear David,

I would like to thank you, Tara and The Wagner Law Group for the best legal representation that I could have possibly hoped for. From the moment we met, you put me completely at ease and I knew everything was going to work out with you as my Attorney. Starting with the excellent communication throughout the process and your command of Employment Law, you truly are great at your profession.

During the Mediation, I felt as if you were putting on a Clinic for all the other legal minds in the room and I was proud to watch you in action. My wife Debra and I are very satisfied with what you accomplished for us and we feel that justice was served and I can move on to the next chapter in my life. Great job!

Linda Plaisted
Stutz Motor Car Company

Stutz and I want to thank you for finding a path to such a favorable result where others have failed. It is quite a relief to have these issues concluded.

Robert Goldbloom, FSA, CFA Principal
Penbridge Advisors, LLC

Marcia Wagner’s piece on Mortality Table Updates, which I accessed via PlanSponsor News Dash was excellent. I thought it clearly explained the relevance and impact of all the most important implications. It was technically precise and at the same time very easy to understand. Well done!

Peter J. Sheil, HR Director
Community Care Services

Having been around all types of benefits for 20+ years, both administering and negotiating them, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous ERISA counsel. Without hesitation, the most thorough, knowledgeable and adept is The Wagner Law Group. Marcia Wagner has assembled a staff that provides timely and expert service. I would utilize The Wagner Group again without a second thought.

Stephen M. Mindich, CEO & Publisher
Phoenix Media/Communications

Marcia Wagner is among the most diligent and detail minded lawyers I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with – and, believe me, given her sphere of expertise that’s exactly what you want.

Judge Katherine B. Forrest
Sacerdote v. NYU

The Court found her experience with 403(b) plans impressive and her [Marcia Wagner]  testimony consistent, reasonable, logical and ultimately, highly credible.

Bob Blair
Retirement Alliance, Inc.

In a financial industry filled with doubts, conflicted advice and charlatans I have been able to find one clear voice who is able to give both honest advice and counsel to people who need to know what is true and how to proceed in the complex regulatory environment surrounding ERISA. Today more than ever, the Wagner Law Group is a firm you need to know.

Mary Leupold, Director HR Operations HMFP
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

If ever I had to encounter an audit or found myself facing litigation, there isn’t anyone that I would rather have standing beside me than Marcia Wagner!

Timothy Nihill, Director PMR
Plan Advisory Group

I highly recommend the Wagner Law Group to anyone looking for a high-quality ERISA/benefits law firm. I have worked with them since 2007 and am impressed by the staff, their diligence, their attention to detail and how they took the time to understand the needs of the two organizations which I’ve worked with when developing solutions for our companies and clients. The Wagner Law Group has been a key contributor to the rollout of a new Fiduciary Consulting program for the Retirement Plan Advisory Group’s member firms, and this program puts us ten steps ahead of the marketplace in terms of ERISA consulting. Additionally, I appreciate Marcia’s intelligence, her passion for the law and how she helps put me in a better position to succeed professionally. I’ve done due diligence on and worked with several ERISA firms across the country and can say that Marcia’s, and the Wagner Group’s, service and expertise are second to none.

Naomi M. Morales, VP HR and Administration

Russ Gaudreau has long been a valued partner to PhRMA, providing counsel on our retirement and benefits programs. His depth of experience in ERISA law brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to an already premier firm at Wagner Law Group. Most recently, he has advised us on a redesign of the Retirement Program which incorporates the intricacies of a defined benefit, defined contribution and supplemental payment plan. Russ’s style of collaborative counsel exemplifies the quality of partnership across the Wagner Group.

Louis S. Harvey

The Wagner Law Group has vaulted into a recognized leader in the rarified atmosphere of forward thinking ERISA specialists. Wagner is among very few firms that are comfortable with settled regulation, new regulation and the barrage of ERISA changes that are in the pipeline.

Bryce C. Loveland
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

Marcia, I hope you and your team are doing well. It has been a while and we just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for all your help in this case. It was a crazy fact pattern and your mastery of those facts and the law were critical to our success. In particular, your deposition testimony was extraordinary, particularly after they sandbagged us with a supplemental report.


Paul Beaudoin, Vice-President of Finance/CFO
Day Kimball Healthcare

Wagner Law Group is the go-to law firm for difficult issues involving the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). Harold Ashner’s and Jon Henkel’s expertise in this area is unmatched. Their guidance has been invaluable in our dealings with the PBGC. They are very responsive and have gone above and beyond for us. They are always willing to educate and help other professionals deal with these issues.

Heather Dlhopolsky, Partner
Wire Gill LLP, Bethesda, MD

Wagner Law Group, and my primary contact Israel Goldowitz, have helped me navigate issues related to the closure due to liquidation of a law firm and transition of their pension plan to the PBGC over the past several years.  They have led me with a steady, guiding hand, and without their presence this would have been a much more difficult task.  It is clear that they have tremendous rapport and mutual respect with PBGC professionals.  While this has been a difficult task overall, with the knowledgeable, professional, but at the same time warm and friendly service of Mr. Goldowitz, it resulted in a positive outcome and the best experience it could have been.

Sanford Rich, Executive Director
New York City Board of Education Retirement System, New York, NY

I was the Chief of Negotiations and Restructuring at the PBGC, where Izzy Goldowitz was my Chief Counsel and one of my trusted advisors. Izzy managed a large law office that protected PBGC’s interests through negotiation, litigation, and active participation in bankruptcy proceedings.  He is skilled at negotiating pension solutions, has deep knowledge of PBGC operations, strategies, and objectives, and has experience that includes a broad range of litigation around pension obligations and fiduciary duties.

Brian Eagle, Senior Director, Government Relations

They set the standard for knowledge in ERISA law as both the private and public sector view them as trusted advisors. Their responsiveness to every question and patience in explaining answers made for a fruitful relationship. Harold Ashner’s expertise on PBGC issues and related defined benefit plan funding issues was of critical importance in enabling us to meet our policy and business goals.

Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr.
White & Case, LLP

Representing a nonprofit organization that was in danger of going out of business because of its defined benefit plan, Harold Ashner and Jonathan Henkel guided us through a complex negotiation with the PBGC which was ultimately successful and life-saving for the client. Their knowledge, judgment and professionalism was truly exemplary.

Scott Lynn, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc.

I would rate Wagner Law Group as excellent. The partner I have worked with at this firm, Harold Ashner, has tremendous expertise in the area of ERISA and employee benefits, with a particular focus on PBGC issues. He is very practical, and is able to translate his expertise into tangible results for his clients.

Shelleye Yaklin, President and CEO
North Ottawa Community Health System

As a non-profit community hospital suffering under the weight of a legacy pension plan, Harold Ashner and Jon Henkel provided us with a road map to save our organization. Their ability to hear and understand our circumstances, and then apply their vast knowledge of pension law and the workings of the PBGC, helped us achieve what others said was impossible. Their professionalism, prompt attention to detail, and expert guidance ensured that healthcare continued in our community. You will not find a more exceptional team!

Vanessa Kubach, Managing Director
The Metropolitan Opera Guild, Inc.

Our not-for-profit received expert and thorough legal advice from Harold Ashner as we applied for a distress termination of our pension plan, and ultimately terminated and settled with the PBGC. Under his guidance, our board was able to take proactive steps to protect the retirement income of our plan participants and beneficiaries while carving a path forward for the organization. Mr. Ashner and Mr. Jonathan Henkel are both pleasures to work with, and have my highest recommendation.

Raymond F. Weldon, Managing Director
Hillside Capital Incorporated

I consider myself fortunate to have found Harold Ashner and Linda Rosenzweig. Having worked with them for over 15 years, they impress me with their drive, focus, creativity and friendly and warm manner with clients.

Ethan Kra
Ethan E. Kra Actuarial Services, LLC

This is the preeminent law firm for representing pension plans and pension plan sponsors in dealing with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, an agency of the United States government. Harold Ashner and his team dealing with PBGC issues have unparalleled experience, expertise and knowledge. They are extremely pleasant to deal with and have great insight into the workings of the PBGC.

Garrett Baker, Chief Executive Officer
Centennial Health

I have worked with Harold Ashner for a couple of years, and his expertise and knowledge in pension-related matters is incredible. I have been impressed by his relentless pursuit of solutions for our situation and his in-depth knowledge of PBGC regulations. Harold’s connections and positive reputation among PBGC staff and senior officials were invaluable to our team. If you need an experienced pension attorney – hands down, Harold Ashner is the best in the country.

Ronald K. Rybar, Founder
The Rybar Group, Inc.

Harold Ashner and the rest of his PBGC team, with their decades of experience in senior roles at PBGC, know how PBGC can be expected to react in countless circumstances. They have an all-encompassing knowledge of PBGC issues. I worked closely with Harold Ashner and Jon Henkel, and would give them my highest recommendation.

Labor & Employment

Last year, I co-counseled with the Wagner Law Group on an employment law matter for a corporate client that had been sued in the Southern District of Florida. As a result of the creative strategizing and dogged advocacy of David Gabor and his team, we were able to achieve an excellent result for the client, which resulted not only in dismissal of the claim, but a significant recovery for the client.  I look forward to working with the firm in the future, and they are now my go-to for any employment law litigation in Massachusetts

Porpoise Evans, Partner, Weiss Serota Helfman Cole + Bierman, P.L.

As General Counsel of a small cap public company with a sizeable US and international workforce, I required external labor law expertise, experience, and support that differed from my previous experiences of Big Law.  I found an amazing team at Wagner Law Group in the form of David Gabor and Katherine Brustowicz, both of whom consistently exceeded my expectations.  David and Katherine acted as quasi-members of the in-house legal team, blending the practicality of in-house practitioners with the specialized expertise expected from external counsel.  The ability to provide essential legal, and practical workforce advice in business terms made this truly a strategic relationship.

-Jason Nield, VP & General Counsel, Everseen

David Gabor helped us handle difficult employee situations at Sentinel several times over the past few years.   Most recently, David assisted our People & Culture and other leadership team members with a difficult employee situation. This employee had been with the firm a very long while but their performance continued to deteriorate.  David worked closely with us to offer  an ideal solution for all parties.  In addition, David has served as a valuable ‘all around’ resource to help prevent such situations.  I highly recommend speaking with him.

-Jim Carnevale, Esq.,Partner, Sentinel Group

Excellent counsel!  On point, practical guidance in a variety of fact patterns. Always responsive and a pleasure to work with. Would recommend our attorneys at Wagner to anyone!

-Brian H.

We have worked with Katherine Brustowicz and David Gabor on multiple occasions, every time they were extremely professional, punctual, informative, and helpful. They made it a point to understand us, our business, and our issues and then provided thorough explanations and updates throughout the legal process. We will not hesitate to use them again in the future.

-Sean S.

My husband and I are so grateful to have been introduced to the Wagner Law Group. We had found ourselves in a position where his disability claim was denied for seemingly no good reason and were in need of help to get that reversed. Working with David Gabor and Katherine Brustowicz was a great experience – they were knowledgeable, professional, patient, and kind. And most importantly, were instrumental in winning our appeal. It seems like an impossible game to navigate the insurance labyrinth, but the Wagner Law Group are experts at playing (and winning) that game!

-Dawn M.

I was part of a group of employees which Katherine Brustowicz and David Gabor represented in an ERISA action against our employer. This was a very difficult period for our group and Katherine and David were able provide excellent guidance and navigated us through a very complex process, culminating in a successful outcome to our group and company. I found Katherine, David, and The Wagner Law Group to be extremely accessible, responsive, and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend them as they genuinely care about their clients’ best interests.

-John M.

Katherine Brustowicz and David Gabor provided the knowledge and expertise needed so I could confidently move forward with the issue at hand. They asked all the right questions and gave me sound legal advice and representation. Highly recommended!!

-Tom L.

I was lucky enough to work with David Gabor and Katherine Brustowicz throughout a complex litigation.  Over the years of working with both David and Katherine I developed a profound respect for their ability to remain fair (and calm!) as well as the skill with which they were able to untangle and navigate through the complexity of our case while continuing to push toward an acceptable resolution. We worked closely throughout the matter and I am gratified by how clearly they communicated and how much they cared about me. I am now privileged to have developed a friendship with them both. It would be a challenge to find a harder working team to advocate for you.

-Karyn W.