ERISA & Employee Benefits

August 31, 2020 IRS Deadlines Approaching

By Jon C. Schultze and Kimberly Shaw Elliott

The Impact of the Economic Downturn on Retirement Plans

The current volatility in the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic has created various issues for retirement plans that need to be addressed in an expedited and efficient manner.  The significant impacts on defined contribution and single employer defined benefit pension plans have been summarized in outlines prepared by Jon C. Schultze, Esq., available by clicking on the respective links ...

Suspending or Reducing Safe Harbor Contributions in Defined Contribution Retirement Plans

In reaction to the current volatility in the economy due to covid-19, we have been receiving a large number of questions from retirement plan sponsors regarding whether it is permissible to suspend or reduce required safe-harbor contributions during the plan year.  Many companies have to reduce their expenses and improve cash flow.  In recent years many of these companies adopted safe harbor ...