Legislative, Regulatory & Policy Services

Practice Area Leaders

Wagner, Marcia S.

Founder & Managing Partner

Wagner Law Group provides our clients with unparalleled comprehension and appreciation of the existing legislative and regulatory environment, not only in Washington, D.C., but across the country, in order to assist in effectuating desired changes. Because, as the saying goes, “it is not only what you know, but who you know,” our team of lobbying professionals has developed and maintains essential relationships with a deep bench of individuals in federal and state government and leading national industry associations who directly impact the issues that are of utmost importance to our clients.

Our legislative, regulatory & policy team is incomparably poised to advocate on behalf of our clients, including regulated financial institutions, trade groups, plan sponsors, healthcare organizations, specially formed coalitions, and others across the full spectrum of employee benefits and related issues (e.g., matters governed by the DOL, IRS, SEC, PBGC, OCC and state counterparts).